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First batch of Cresties!

Last week we had four crested gecko eggs hatch! This is my first time breeding any sort of animal and this is the first time Fork Tongue Farm has crested geckos available. I am very excited to introduce you to some of our new babies! All of the babies have eaten and are doing terrific!

The first one we have is my Dad's favorite. This baby is a very dark red color flame crestie. As you can see there is still a little bit of shed left on this baby! I love the color of this one and I can see it becoming a gorgeous crested gecko as it ages.

This is my personal favorite out of the babies. It is a green flame crestie. I love the color of this one and the flame pattern looks amazing on this one! There are also a few black spots on this on so it could have the dalmatian morph as well. So I am very excited to see this one grow too!

Here is another green baby who has a very faint flame pattern. I love the color this one has!

This one also is a green crestie with a faint flame pattern on it's back. Out of the green babies this one has the most orangey cream color on it's back. Also this one has a couple black spots on it's head and one on its leg. I am excited to see how the black spots will look when this one gets older.

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